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£500K Payout For Goalie

A goalkeeper recently won a £500,000 award of Compensation over an injury sustained to his arm during a football match

The incident happened in 2003 and the goalkeeper ruptured his biceps tendon during a football game. However, the injury was not properly diagnosed until the following year and do a claim for compensation against NHS Lothian followed.

He was unable to continue his work as a plumber because the injury was not diagnosed and surgically corrected soon enough, the Court of Session heard.

Lady Carmichael ruled that he was entitled to £542,397. In her opinion she took the view that he would probably have been able to return to work within six months if he had surgery soon after the injury. Consequently, she accepted that he had suffered a long term loss of earnings due to failures on the part of NHS Lothian and he was entitled to compensation for that.

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