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Compensation Claims

Compensation Claims

Our lawyers and solicitors have extensive experience in handling compensation claims arising from personal injury and accidents in Airdrie, Cumbernauld, Hamilton and Motherwell, Bellshill, Coatbridge, Wishaw, Bothwell and throughout Lanarkshire. Our claims are all handled by legally qualified solicitors and we can offer no win no fee or legal aid.

We can help advise anyone about their rights in claiming compensation including:

  • Road traffic accident claims
  • Accidents at work
  • Trips, slips and falls
  • Whiplash compensation
  • Industrial disease
  • All other compensation claims

We can deal with your claim and can offer appointments with one of our Solicitors at our Airdrie, Hamilton, Motherwell or Cumbernauld offices. We can also offer telephone appointments in certain cases where that is more convenient for you

Most compensation claims are able to be resolved without the need to go to court and so the negotiating skills of our solicitors are important in ensuring we gain maximum compensation for our clients. This applies whether you have suffered a minor whiplash injury or a seriously disabling injury. In any case where settlement cannot be reached by negotiation, then our lawyers and solicitors have many years of experience in pursuing compensation claims through the courts to ensure our clients get the compensation they are due. We can raise court action on your behalf at either the Court of Session or in the Sheriff Court depending on the complexity and value of your compensation claim. The location of the court used may be based upon the place where you were injured. In Lanarkshire, Airdrie Sheriff Court covers Airdrie, Coatbridge, Hamilton, Cumbernauld and surrounding areas. Hamilton Sheriff Court covers Hamilton, Bellshill, Wishaw, Motherwell and surrounding areas. However we can act for you wherever your accident occurred throughout Scotland.

As part of the compensation claim process, our lawyers will be able to advise you about issues of negligence and will advise you about the prospects of successfully obtaining compensation for you. Where appropriate, we will be able to obtain proper medical evidence to support your claim to ensure you obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible. We recognise that being injured in an accident can cause major upset and so we aim to make the process of claiming compensation as smooth as possible for you.

We deal with all types of compensation claims and personal injury cases. We offer a swift and sympathetic service. Our solicitors avoid jargon and try to give clear information about how your case is progressing. We aim to combine excellent client care with a detailed knowledge of the law. This is vital in ensuring we are able to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

Our lawyers and solicitors can also offer a range of options for funding the cost of your case. This includes acting on a No Win No Fee basis. If we act on a No Win No Fee Basis you will pay nothing if your claim is unsuccessful. We are happy to discuss No Win No Arrangements further with you. If your claim is successful, then our fee will be deducted from your award of compensation. We also offer legal aid and have other funding options depending on your circumstances, which we would be happy to discuss with you.

Our solicitors and lawyers have many years experience of dealing with compensation claims and personal injury cases from minor injuries suffered in simple road traffic accidents to high value claims for compensation relating to serious injuries. We have represented clients from Airdrie to Aberdeen, from Motherwell to Maybole, from Cumbernauld to Coatbridge. Get in touch by calling our Airdrie, Hamilton, Cumbernauld or Motherwell office to speak to a lawyer for further advice about us acting on a no win no fee basis or on legal aid to deal with your compensation claim.