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Bill To Remove Bar to Compensation For Abuse Survivors

A draft bill which removes a barrier on survivors who were abused as children seeking civil damages in court has been published.

The Limitation (Childhood Abuse) (Scotland) Bill would remove the three-year time limit, also known as “time-bar”, on survivors, who were abused on or after 26th of September 1964, seeking damages in the civil court.

The draft legislation is part of the Scottish government’s “wider commitment” to adult survivors of child abuse to fulfil the recommendations of the Scottish Human Rights Commission Inter-action plan.

Consultation with survivors, supporters and other groups has helped to shape the draft bill which will remove the three year limitation period for all cases of child abuse irrespective of where abuse took place. The draft bill also sets out circumstances for cases that have not succeeded in court due to the time bar being applied to be raised again.

Legal affairs minister Paul Wheelhouse (pictured), unveiled the draft bill at a visit to the Moira Anderson Foundation in Airdrie today where he met survivors and volunteers. One of the survivors he met was actor, Dr Matthew McVarish, who walked 10,000 miles around Europe to raise awareness of child abuse issues.

Before the publication of the draft bill the minister met with a number of the key representatives of survivor groups to explain how their input into the consultation informed the draft bill and to get their initial views.

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