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What Powers Can Be In A Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney can cover both financial and welfare provisions or you can have separate deeds to cover your nancial affairs and welfare matters. The financial provisions can include power to purchase and sell  property (i.e. your house), power to operate bank accounts, power to claim and receive all pensions, bene ts, allowances, etc. There are many other powers which can be included or left out as appropriate, depending on your circumstances.

Welfare powers can include power to decide where you should live, to have access to your personal information, to consent or withhold consent to medical treatment. There are many other powers which can be included to ensure that all appropriate powers are available to meet your needs.

Another common question is: “Who should I appoint as my Attorney?” You can appoint anyone you wish to be your attorney, e.g. a family member, friend, solicitor or other professional adviser. It is up to you whether you include the same person(s) as both nancial and welfare attorneys, or if you have separate attorneys to carry out the different functions. It is better to appoint more than one attorney in case your attorney is unable to act for any reason – you can appoint joint attorneys with similar or different powers, or one or more substitute attorneys to take the place of an attorney who dies, loses capacity or resigns.

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