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Womens Aid Comments on 2006 Family Law Act

Scottish Women’s Aid (SWA), an umbrella organisation for 37 member groups that provide services directly to women, children, and young people, has commented on the operation of the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006. Their response said in relation to the protection from abuse provision of s.24: “Evidence abounds, from women, from children and young people, from service providers, and from solicitors practicing family law, that the intention of the Act has not been met and that the system continues to put children, young people, and their mothers at significant risk.”

It added that the courts hold fathers who have been abusive to an “unacceptably low standard of parenting that could not contrast more with the standard expected of the parent with care of the child or children.”

Mothers are “condemned for their ‘failure to protect’ and are judged on their apparent inability to effectively personally police the behaviour of the perpetrator,” it adds.

It also described mothers’ failures to comply with court orders as attempts to “protect themselves and their children”.

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